I.T. Solutions for Business – Network, Internet, Security, Fiber Optic, Penetration Testing, Ethical Hackers…


High Speed Network

We provide high speed, powerfull network for any types of business. Our all network we design for special custom order, to keep maximum perfromance and best possible speed. ZybexNET design wired performace data network and high speed fibre optic network for any type of business.

WI-FI for Business

We coverage WI-FI signal all types of property, buildings and outside areas. Now You can njoy super fast internet everywhere You are. Super fast Business Class and Enterprose Class device give You max speed and max secure. You can create separate wi-fi network for all Your visitors and keep control on the access to internet.


To keep Your Business safe, You need to protect Your data, network, computers. We can help You do it.
ZybexNET provide few level of penetration test in Your company. If You have many computers in Your company remember - every poorly secured computer is a potential gateway for hackers...


We provide full maintenance service at network and computers problems. We offer wide range of maintenance types for every type of business. Also We provide remote and on site help.

ZybexNET London - Who we are ?

We are London based company since 2005 who provide high quality I.T. Solutions for all type of business and for Your home. We are experienced team with professional knowledge about data network, data storage solutions, WI-FI and general internet, I.T. security includind penetration test (PenTest), maintenance and installation.

We provide a proactive IT support service to spot problems before they impact your business. By working with us, you gain access to a team of IT experts available to assist your technical needs. Alongside proactive monitoring, our diligent team resolve issues and provide practical IT advice.

Our service has evolved throughout the years to keep up with innovations in the workplace. It’s our goal to stay tuned with these changes to help our customers stay ahead of the game.

Following latest technology we alwey update our services and implemenatation for our Clients. Now we offer multi purpous super fast fiber optical network for transfer data, multimedia, CCTV for long distance.